Nicotiana benthamiana and tabacum Omics

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15 Septermber 2023
Nicomics sever is updated
10 August 2023
A multi-omic Nicotiana benthamiana resource is published in Nature Plants. Congratulations to the authors!
1 Mar 2023
A high quality Nicotiana benthamiana genome is published in PCP. Congratulations to the authors!
10 October 2021
Pepper VIGS paper published in Plant Biotech Journal
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Nicomics webserver is aimed to deliver the most recent omics resources of Nicotiana benthamiana and Nicotiana tabacum to the research community. Currently we provide downloads for assembled genome, proteome and transcriptome for both Nicotiana benthamiana and Nicotiana tabacum. These databases can be searched using BLAST tools and annotated genes can browsed using Gbrowse. We also provide transcriptome analysis heatmap tool for user to retrieve and plot gene expression pattern. Colleague who want to contribute their data to this webserver are welcomed to contact us.


Key Lab of Horti. Plant Biol.(MOE)
Huazhong Agricultural University
Wuhan, Hubei 430070 China